Multi-Mission.   Man-Packed.   Fully Autonomous.

The AR1 Blue Ray is an autonomous unmanned aerial system (UAS) that delivers advanced information, security, surveillance, monitoring and reconnaissance capabilities in the most challenging operational conditions.

Presenting several operational modes, including remote control, semi-autonomous and full autonomous modes, and complemented with robust, reliable and secure communications, the AR1 Blue Ray ensures true airborne superiority.

Based on the on-board artificial intelligence module, and depending on the mission planning requirements, the AR1 Blue Ray is capable of developing specific flight patterns to serve different missions, from area surveillance and monitoring, to search operations, perimeter patrolling and crowd control, making it an ideal equipment for safety , security and law enforcement operations.

With a collapsible and portable design, this fixed-wing UAS is hand-launched and extremely easy to carry and assemble, being available to fly in few minutes and making it a real asset for units on the ground.

Adaptable and easy to operate, the AR1 Blue Ray UAS provides real-time day and night imagery capabilities. The EO and IR sensors benefit from the 2-axis stabilised gimbal payload system, which ensures a broad coverage of 110º tilt and 220º pan for daytime and night operations, and the patented payload locking mechanism enables the fast swapping of sensors and batteries, thus reducing the equipment's downtime between flights. With a diversified payload portfolio, the AR1 is a key asset to support security forces' missions, building accurate tactical knowledge and delivering enhanced situational awareness.

Technical specifications:
  • Wingspan: 180 cm
  • Length: 150 cm
  • Maximum Take-Off Weight: 5 kg
  • Payload: 1.5 kg
  • Cruising Speed: 55 km/h
  • Max Speed: 80 km/h
  • Range: 20 km LoS
  • Launch: Hand launched
  • Recovery: Parachute
  • Transport: 80 L case
  • Multiple Operation Modes: Remotely controlled to Fully Autonomous
  • Payload Options: Electro-optic, Infrared, Zoom
  • Real-time Precision Imagery on Demand (High-resolution Image and Video)
  • Powerful On-board Intelligent Detection, Localisation and Tracking Capabilities
  • Communication Relay
  • Operational in Adverse Weather
  • Very Fast Assembly and Deployment
  • Collapsible, Man-Portable & Hand-Launched

Empowering security and law enforcement missions:
  • Surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Crowd observation, monitoring and control
  • Monitoring of high risk events
  • Perimeter control
  • VIP security
  • Target detection, acquisition and tracking